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Hunting Easter-Bunnies off Biograd?

Not at all, the teams are on training!

Pouring rain, 12°C, bora with 15 to 22 knots... Let's hope for improvement during the week! Tonight we are celebrating a big welcome with kaiserschmarrn (Austrian sweet shredded pancake) for everyone, just as you need it the night before a marathon. Tomorrow morning we are having our last briefing before the 5th RPC starts at noon.

Find the tracking here: Web-Tracking or download Track-O-Mio.

RPC Press Release no. 1

5th Round Palagruza Cannonball:
Easter, as tough as tough comes.

Team Alles Yacht
Among the roughly three or four dozen charter boat regattas drawing mostly Austrian and German sailors to the Croatian Coast every year, the Round Palagruza Cannonball stands out as the season´s toughest and most exciting event. On Easter Monday, the fifth edition of the race starts in Biograd.

The Cannonball´s 380 nautical miles track equals 700 kilometers, roughly the road distance Zagreb-Torino. It leads the fleet out to sea, around the Palagruza rock and back to Biograd again - nonstop, day and night and no matter what the weather dishes out. All competitors in the race´s two groups sail yachts of the same type, keeping up the excitement of close-combat match racing from start to finish. This is racing as tough as tough comes, yet some of the most serious and successful Cannonball competitors have been ladies, and this year, for the first time, an all-women crew enters the race.
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Shipshape-Seashape at the Cannonball!

Clean sailing does not mean slow sailing! On the contrary!

This was proofed by the Cannonball participants 2011.
18 crews have rounded Palagruža separating garbage last year.
4 of the 6 podium places went to clean Cannonballers!

Since last year the message to the sailing community has not changed:

“What we can do during a Round Palagruza Cannonball,
can be done on any cruising yacht, in any weather, any day.”

Clean Going Crews please announce their participation either to the organizer or directly to

This is a voluntary initiative by sail attack and Living-Ocean, more infomation in the pdf here

As the Round Palagruza Cannonball is well known for their innovations, we will be the first Austrian sailing regatta in the Adriatic Sea taking care about environmental requirements recommanded by the Austrian sailing federation.

Excerpt of the RPC sailing instructions:

It is prohibited to throw any garbage into the water during, before or after the race.
This concerns mainly glas, metal, plastic waste and cigarettes.

Boats who break this rule can be protested by the race commitee or the jury and get punished under rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) of the RRS.

Cannonball 2010 & 2012 Analysis

Track-O-Mio RPC 2011 Screenshot Tracking

Tracking Software Track-O-Mio ready to download (about 35MB incl. charts)

You can analyse RPC 2010 and 2011 with the replay function.

Some remarks

• Some tracking datas we are missing of 2010th Cannonball. 2011 is nearly complete. When a boat stops it means no datas anymore. If some datas are missing in between, the boats are sailing on a direct line with interpolated speed. That means no boat was sailing over islands or short cutted its way!
• To start the replay choose the regatta you want, press the play button and that´s it!
• At "Einstellungen" (Setup) you can choose if all the tracks "komplette Tracks anzeigen" should be shown
• The rest should be self explained - Have fun!!

Track-O-Mio will be the tracking software for the RPC 2012. We suggest to all skippers to download the program and test it on their boat-laptops. Of course we will have tracking on the internet too, but this program is optimized for very low data traffic once downloaded.

Erratum: in the last newsletter we published a wrong email adress for registration to the RPC training. Here is the right one:

RPC news february II

CELOX Team offers RPC training!
Christian Kargl and Peter Steinkogler plan to do a special trainings course for RPC participants at Biograd. Date: 4th until 6th of april. Registration at - more infos in the pdf here

Nice evening at the yacht lottery in Viennas famous Phoenixhof. Late night analysis of the RPC 2012 tracking.

Some more news about the teams: RPC 2012 Women team anounced crew members. Helga Rannicher will be sailing with Albeta Helienek as Co. Now all teams complete exept for the titleholder..... Cascaruda Yacht Club changed boat with our Hungarian Totuola Team, now sailing on Bav 42match.

RPC News – February

The legendary Cannonball is coming soon!

The next seminars and trainings for the Round Palagruza Cannonball are:
• ISAF Safety Training in Graz am March 10th and 11th
• Meteo Seminar with Jure Jerman Chief meteorologist of the Slovenian Weather Service (held in english!) February 11th & 12th in Graz
• Weather Routing seminar in Wiener Neustadt March 9th and 10th
• and the RPC weather, routing and roadbook seminar on 27th of March in Wr. Neustadt
More Infos: