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3. Round Palagruža Cannonball

Internationale Segelregatta
5.4. – 9.4.2010

RPC2009 – Dufour 44 bei Palagruza

Partners 2010:
Mediaart Filmproduktion

RPC 2010 – Die Boote

Dufour 44 performance - Technische Details


ORC Messbrief Dufour44p "Korfu" (3-Kabinen)
ORC Messbrief Dufour44p "Elba" (4-Kabinen)


Länge ü. A. 13.67 m
Länge Rumpf 13.35 m
Länge Wasserlinie 11.82 m
Maximale Breite 4.25 m
Tiefgang (langer Kiel) 2.31 m
Kielmasse 3300 kg
Kielmaterial Blei
Genua: ELVSTRÖM OFFSHORE RACING, Roll-Genua, trioptimal 63 m2
Großsegel: ELVSTRÖM OFFSHORE RACING, trioptimal, Full Batten, + Lazy Bag, mit 2 Reffreihen 53 m2
Spinnaker: ELVSTRÖM, symmetrisch, trioptimal 157 m2
Wassertank 430 L
Treibstofftank 250 L
Motor: Volvo D2 (41 kW) 41 KW, 55 LE
Kojen: 3/4 Kabinen + Salon 6/8+ 2 Personen


Bavaria 42 Match True One Design Sailing Fleet

The Bavaria 42 Match is a purpose-built cruiser-racer with longer lead keel, larger main sail.
IMS Messbrief Bav. 42match "Auckland" (2008)

Technical Specifications

Hull length: 12.46 m
Waterline length: 11.00 m
Beam: 3.74 m
Draught: 2.5 m
Displacement: 7400 kg
Ballast: 2550 kg
Engine: Volvo-D2 55 HP
Water tank: 300 L
Fuel tank: 150 L
Cabins: 3
Toilet: 1

Sails Specification

Full batten main sail: spectra, triradial cut, 50.5 m2, 2 reefs
Genoa 3 - 100%: spectra, triradial cut, 35 m2
Genoa 1 - 140%: pentex, triradial cut, 49 m22
Spinnaker: symmetrical, nylon, weight 0.75 oz/m2, triradial cut, 125 m2
Spinnaker pole: Selden, 4.5 m
Furlex: Selden 400 S
Racing blocks
Halyards Marlow, D2-racing
Self-tailing winches
1. Halyards:
2. Genoa sheet
3. Main sheet
Lewmar, 3 pairs
ST-44+speed ring
Main sheet system Admirals cup 2:1 with dedicated winches

Class 40

A Class40 boat is a mono-hull off-shore racing sailboat with a maximum length of 40 feet (12.18m).

Today, from close to 100 teams world wide, there are over 30 teams regularly racing in this class.

This class is widely accepted in the professional sailing scene and is the birth place of many sailing related developments such as boat design and material experimentation, extreme nutrition, efficient clothing gear, alternative energy sources, off-shore safety or talent discovery.

Part of the attraction of this class is the simple and stringent box-rule, which keeps costs down. Beside the very elitist and budget wasting Americas Cup,

IMOCA Open 60 or Volvo Ocean racing classes, the Class40 runs prestigious but affordable races and receives similar attention including sustained global and regular media coverage.