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Exceptionally in a non-own matter

V_REX is nearly ready
V_REX will be the very first sailing vessel of a new generation how to sail.

Kickstarter Projekt eines langjährigen Mitseglers beim RPC: Peter Steinkogler

Emission-Free Speed Record and offshore transportation!

Build the fastest serial sailing vessel this summer AND scaling it up for emission-free offshore transportation for the future!

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Help us finally get V_REX, the fastest sailing boat in the world, into the water!

Peter Steinkogler has been following the development and research of his V_REX for over a decade, this summer V_REX will finally go into the water for the very first time!

Since 2007 V_REX has completed various research projects on aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, it has been tinkering and planning for a long time and is already being built while you reading this. A lot of money from Peter Steinkogler himself, from investors and a lot of government funding went into the project. Now V_REX also needs your help so that it can finally get into the water for the first time this summer 2021 and swim! And fly!

New procedure for options in the B41 one-design class

Since the B41s one-design-class has shrunk to 10 yachts and the registrations exceeds the amount of available yachts we had to find a mode for a fair and transparent optioning procedure which meets the spirit of the RPC.

The following objectives have been defined:

  • The procedure must be traceable and absolutely transparent;
  • Loyalty should be rewarded.
  • The regatta field should be homogeneous so that the race remains exciting. Qualification instead of a "registration race" or "lottery luck";

We believe that with the following model, we can best limit the goals we have set:

  • The last five RPCs are defined as five races;
  • Crew members who raced together (more than the half of a team) will be recognized as one team;
  • Special and guest classes were not taken into account;
  • It doesn't matter in which one-design-class a team was sailing;
  • A ranking list according to the low-point system with one excluded score will be established;
  • All participating teams score the same number of points as they finished in the race with a cut-off at 10. (All teams with more than 10 get 11 points;
  • Teams that didn't start (DNC) or have been disqualified (DSQ) are scored one more point (12);
  • This ranking list leads to an option for 10 fixed starting places in the B41s one-design-class and a waiting list.

We have programmed a tool where you can see a ranking list according to the low-point system over various RPCs with a cut-off or over all services, with and without an excluded score: Show low-point results over several RPCs

This procedure will be used in the future for all one-design classes, where the number of options is higher than the available boats. For the RPC 2022 the years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021 will be taken.

Breaking News

The 13th Round Palagruža Cannonball will be in autumn and the new date is fixed for 23.10.2021 until 29.10.2021.

Stay tuned!