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Tracking via AIS

As an additional source of information we will provide, tracking data via AIS – side by side with the already familiar TracTrac (Website and Apps for Android & iOS) and the Track-o-mio software for Windows, on the Round Palagruza Cannonball 2020.

RPC 2019 - AIS Tracking

This service supports displaying the whole fleet within your navigation software, without the needs for any extra software, or switching to an internet browser – as long as you have an active internet connection on board.

Every navigation software, which is capable of receiving NMEA/AIS over TCP/IP is fine. The following programs have been tested:

  • openCPN (free, open Source for Mac, Windows & Linux)
  • Expedition (For Windows only)
  • iSailor (AIS Option "Navdata from AIS Class A" needed, € 27.99)
  • qtVlm (available on Windows, Mac, Linux, incl. RaspberryPi, Android, iOS – tested on Windows and Mac)

  Download Info on AIS-Tracking as pdf