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Analysis of RPC 2010 with Track-O-Mio

With the new tracking-software it is now possible to rerun the Round Palagruza Cannonball 2010!

Track-O-Mio Download

Annotations to the software:
1. It is a stable beta-version of the RPC-2011 tracking which is able to show the tracks of 2010 Cannonball.
We will provide you with a new software for the RPC2011 before we start. Beneath this software you will see the tracking on a website too.
So stay tuned!

2. Only yachts will be displayed in the playback of RPC2010 where we have got tracking datas.
If a track is missing at the end (before the finishing line) the yacht stops at the last known position.
If just a part of the track is missing then the software interpolates the track to the next known position. So it is possible that yachts are sailing over land or cut a corner, or are drawn faster then others....

Enjoy yourself!