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Since the B41s one-design-class has shrunk to 10 yachts and the registrations exceeds the amount of available yachts we had to find a mode for a fair and transparent optioning procedure which meets the spirit of the RPC.

The following objectives have been defined:

  • The procedure must be traceable and absolutely transparent;
  • Loyalty should be rewarded.
  • The regatta field should be homogeneous so that the race remains exciting. Qualification instead of a "registration race" or "lottery luck";

We believe that with the following model, we can best limit the goals we have set:

  • The last five RPCs are defined as five races;
  • Crew members who raced together (more than the half of a team) will be recognized as one team;
  • Special and guest classes were not taken into account;
  • It doesn't matter in which one-design-class a team was sailing;
  • A ranking list according to the low-point system with one excluded score will be established;
  • All participating teams score the same number of points as they finished in the race with a cut-off at 10. (All teams with more than 10 get 11 points;
  • Teams that didn't start (DNC) or have been disqualified (DSQ) are scored one more point (12);
  • This ranking list leads to an option for 10 fixed starting places in the B41s one-design-class and a waiting list.

We have programmed a tool where you can see a ranking list according to the low-point system over various RPCs with a cut-off or over all services, with and without an excluded score: Show low-point results over several RPCs

This procedure will be used in the future for all one-design classes, where the number of options is higher than the available boats. For the RPC 2022 the years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021 will be taken.