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V_REX is nearly ready
V_REX will be the very first sailing vessel of a new generation how to sail.

Kickstarter Projekt eines langjährigen Mitseglers beim RPC: Peter Steinkogler

Emission-Free Speed Record and offshore transportation!

Build the fastest serial sailing vessel this summer AND scaling it up for emission-free offshore transportation for the future!

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Help us finally get V_REX, the fastest sailing boat in the world, into the water!

Peter Steinkogler has been following the development and research of his V_REX for over a decade, this summer V_REX will finally go into the water for the very first time!

Since 2007 V_REX has completed various research projects on aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, it has been tinkering and planning for a long time and is already being built while you reading this. A lot of money from Peter Steinkogler himself, from investors and a lot of government funding went into the project. Now V_REX also needs your help so that it can finally get into the water for the first time this summer 2021 and swim! And fly!