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As the live tracking shows, the "Southhampton" (65) sails into the night with a large winning margin. Will the "Celox Sailing Team" of Martin Hartl be the first crew to cross the winning at Biograd, for the second year in a row? It will be decided in the next hours! Far behind, the tracking system shows the same picture as during the day: The field is very close here, with following participants close to each other: The “Solent” (64), the “Cowes” (54), the ”San Diego” (63), the “San Tropez” (62) and the “New York” (60). The "Cape Cod" (51) is trying to get back to the head of the race. This night will show, if Klaus Pitter and his "Yachtcharter Pitter" team will be successful...

The main problem tonight is the wind. As the author of this blog noticed himself on the trip from Hvar to Biograd on the motorboat of "Sea Help", there's not much wind left. And the forecast for the night isn't too optimistic, too. The meteorologists forecast practically no wind for the next hours. Apparently, it's going to be a slow motion match to Biograd. We will report as soon as the first boat is here!

A more detailed view on the forefield: