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The match for the second and third place has been decided: The "Solent" (64) with its Team Ascherl-Regatta Bodensee of Robert Schönbeck was the second Bavaria 42 yacht to cross the finishing line in Biograd, about half a minute later it was followed by the Yachtcharter Pitter Crew with Skipper Klaus Pitter on their “Cape Cod” (51).

Only few minutes later there two more crews reached Biograd: The SÄGEWERK-Team of Peter Stefaner on the “New York” (60) and on the fifth place Ronnie Zeiller's Alles Yacht-Crew on their “San Diego” (63).

The fans in the harbour of Biograd congratulate all the RPC 2011 teams - it was definitely a hot match on the last meters of the regatta! To all the boats still out there on the sea: We wish you a great race, and come back safely!

n.b.: We will publish pictures of the finish in this blog soon, so stay tuned.