Seite wählen

After a night of sailing back from Palagruza, the main field of the race has reached mainland Croatia again and is right now sailing northwest through the Canal of Mljet. Martin Hartl’s Celox Sailing Team is top favorite now – their „Southhampton“ is completely alone in the forefront of the race. Apparently the crew was lucky with the winds: As the wind charts of the Croatian Weather forecast show, there was a strong northeastern wind in the night, as the „Southhampton“ reached the canal. The main field didn’t catch this wind, that faded at day break  - the others fell back.

Right now, there is a match going on at the exit of the Mljet Canal: The „New York“ (60), the „San Diego“ (63), the „Cape Cod“ (51) and the „Cowes“ (54) are competing for the second and third places...
The regatta is in its last phase now. There is a saying, that the one who first gets out of the Mljet Canal will win the race. But still: Everything’s still possible at this time!