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The entire team of the Daiquiri boat No. 42 wishes to all participants, fans and readers a wonderful morning:

According to the latest tracking data, we have subsequently recovered in 3 positions.
The strategic thoughts are with the severe weather conditions, beautiful blue sky, 26 degrees and calm blue sea with a variety of visit of tuna fish was caused by our skipper with a drink of the day: The Jamaican feel we will now all and supports the Drink of the Day this:

Just take in a 0.5 l gas 200ml Bavarian beer and basic meal so we are here in Croatia, a fresh Karlovacko, to about 100 ml American brew, Coke Zero (so that the American product is not overvalued) and fills it with good Rum from Jamaica, tastes totally refreshing and nearly calorie-neutral.
Sunny greetings from Daiquiri TEAM

Gratulation an die Sieger

Das gesamte Team der Daiquiri Boot Nr. 42 wünscht allen Teilnehmern, Fans und Lesern einen wunderschönen guten Morgen:

Gemäß den aktuellen Trackingdaten haben wir wieder 3 Positionen aufgeholt.

Der strategische Gedanken bei den heftigen Wettervoraussetzungen, herrlicher blauer Himmel, 26 Grad und ruhige blaue See mit abwechslungsreichen Besuch von Thunfischen, wurde von unserem Skipper durch einen Drink of the day hervorgerufen: Das Jamaikanische Feeling trifft uns nun alle und der Drink of the Day unterstützt dies:

Man nehme einfach in ein 0,5l Gas 200ml bayerische Grundmahlzeit also Bier und da wir hier in Kroatien sind, ein frisches Karlovacko, dazu ca. 100 ml amerikanisches Gesöff, Cola Zero (damit das amerikanische Produkt nicht überbewertet wird) und füllt es mit gutem Rum aus Jamaika auf, schmeckt total erfrischend und vor allem fast kalorienneutral.

Sonnige Grüße vom Daiquiri TEAM


News from ASS-Segeln No. 42 Daiquiri

(Translation by Google)

The TEAM ASS sailing on the boat Daiquiri 42 enjoys excellent health, the day started very sunny at 18 degrees Bavarian blue sky, improving water temperature to 15 ° towards the current position of spot 7. To strengthen the team served the "ASS Haute Cuisine" today the following:

As an aperitif, a Croatian-residue is served, here are the menu sequence

Iced Karlovacko soup


Spaghetti à la Aiolo
Tomato garlic mousse
At Nudelteigfädchen
Croatian pork in natural casing
Roasted on Teigleinen
Fried Banana & Apple
to two kinds of fruit sauces levels
with low calorie whipped cream

After the aperitif, the beloved Croatian beer brew served

SAFETY ON THE TEAM We need this power and the engine with the prior
Start code-compliant notice.

All participants a sunny Sailingtag, the stark contrast to RPC 2011
There are at least something decent to eat!

Hans, thanks for the live bodies of me in Facebook with a link to the track!

Best wishes from ALL

CEO Kitchen ASS Haute Cuisine
And editorial board live by


ASS-Segeln in Blog

Hello RPC 2011. ASS-Segeln is in the blog there and greet all the participants 2011th.