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Notice of Race for RPC 2012

5. Round Palagruža Cannonball
International One Design Sailing Regatta 7.4. - 14.4.2012

1. Organizer:
The Round Palagruža Cannonball (RPC) sailing regatta is organised by
Nautic Club sail attack and the Yacht Club Biograd as ISAF Organizing Authorities.

2. Program for 7th until 14th of April 2012:

Sat, 7.4.2012: check in at charter base, 5pm until 6pm registration
Sun, 8.4.2012: 7pm official welcome with "Kaiserschmarrn"
Mon, 9.4.2012: 9am briefing, 12am start
Fri, 13.4.2012: 2pm price giving ceremony, buffet
Sat, 14.4.2012: returning the yachts at charter base

3. Racing Area:

Croatian territorial waters, Kat. III: Dalmatian coast including the islands Dugi Otok, Viš, Palagruža, Mljet, Korcula and Hvar.

4. Course:
Circular course with approx. 380 nautical miles: Biograd - Ugljan (port) - Dugi Otok (port) - Biševo (stb) - Palagruža (port) - Mljet (port) - Korcula (stb) - Hvar (stb) – Rogoznica - Biograd.
The named islands are course marks.
The course between these marks is left to competitors choice.
The race comitee reserves the right to alter the course according to the weather situation.

5. Rules And Regulations:

The RPC will be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2008-2012, this notice of race and the sailing instructions.
With respect to the safety of the competitors, the ORC Special Regulations category 3 shall apply, with some additional safety demands like jackstays, personal flasher and life raft, also in effect. A life raft for every yacht is included in the charter fare.
The two turn penalty according to RRS 44.1, 44.2 and 44.4 shall apply.
The officially languages of the event are german and english.
If there is a conflict between languages the english text shall prevail.

6. Eligibility:
The race is open to Bavaria 42 match yachts with spinnaker + gennaker, and Bavaria 47 yachts with spinnaker provided by Adriatic Challenge and chartered from Pitter Yachting. The use of other sails than the orginal boat inventory is not permitted. It is forbidden to pump out fuel or to remove furniture, doors and other equipment from the yacht. In addition to the skipper, at least one additional person on board shall have a valid sailing license for the area. Sailing experience over long distances, including night sailing, is strongly recommended for all persons in responsible positions, and prefereable for every member of the crews.
ISAF Approved Personal Offshore Survival Training Course is recommanded.
The Elegibility-Code Regulation 19 of the ISAF shall apply to all skippers and co-skippers of each yacht.

7. Scoring:
The time limit for the finishing line at Biograd is Friday, April 13th of 2012 at 12:00am.
To make it possible to score yachts not reaching the finishing line within this time limit, there will be defined a number of evaluation zones along the race course with time limits for each zone.
Yachts will be scored according to their position at the given time limit for the actual scoring zone and ranked after other competitors that crossed the finishing line or reached an evaluation zone closer to the finishing line or are closer to the finishing line within the same evaluation zone.

8. Use Of Engine:
It is not allowed to use the engine for propulsion during the race. (exceptions see 9.)
In case of emergencies forcing the use of engine propulsion it is mandatory to notify the jury as soon as possible of time, duration, speed, course and reason of engine propulsion. The jury will decide the ranking of the boat according to the circumstances and duration of engine use, for instance with an RDG in case of assistance in other yachts´emergencies, and likely with a DNF or DSQ in case of engine propulsion to solve own emergencies like grounding.
The use of the engine to recharge boat batteries is permitted.

9. Shelter In Harbours:
Considering the long distance and possible long duration of the race, competing yachts are permitted to suspend racing, proceed under sail to a sheltered anchorage or port, and later join the race again. In such cases, engine use for propulsion is permitted, but only for maneuvering in ports and for anchoring maneuvers.
During race suspension it is permitted to get technical assistance (e.g. from Safety Team, Sea Help, divers, sail makers, help from charterbase....) for restoring proper function of the yacht or crew.
Yachts planning to suspend racing are obliged to notify the jury as soon as circumstances permit.

10. Media And Public Relations:
The Race is classified as Category C (according to ISAF Regulation 20).
Advertising is allowed on sails, hull and railing.
Participants grant the organisers free of charge publishing of videos and photos taken of them during the event.
Further promotion activities relating to the event are only permitted pending explicit agreement of the organizers of the RPC.

11. Tracking And Communications:
The competitors´position data‘s will be streamed to a server, with the actual position of each boat tracked on a public website. The link to this website will be posted before the start of the race, giving paticipants and public the opportunity to continuously monitor the actual position of all participants. Competitors will be obliged to check their tracking boxes for correct function in 3 hour intervals. All participants are obliged to stay tuned to and monitor VHF-Channel 16 and 72 (channel used for regatta) when sailing. To ensure comprehensive monitoring, competitors are asked to carry at least one mobile phone on board, to register its number with the race commitee, and keep it switched on for the duration of the race.
Tactical or weather routing help from outside is not permitted, exept informations delivered by the organisers or those which are public, free and visible for all competitors.
Each team has to call the race committee twice a day at time specified, irrespective reception of roll-calls via VHF. Not calling the race committee can lead to DSQ.

12. Organisation Package:
The organisation package carries the costs for organizing work, race committee, ranking, registration fees in Croatia, tracking system, escorting boats, Safety Team, Sea Help, weather grib files, T-Shirts, a buffet in Biograd at the prizegiving ceremony, …..
For the organisation package EUR 550,- per boat and EUR 100,- per crew member will be charged. (Included in the organisation package are 100HRK starting fee for each competitor for the Croatian Organizing Authority, the Yacht Club Biograd)

13. Charter Of The Yachts:

Bavaria 42m: EUR 2.660,- (incl. additional genoa1, spinnaker, gennaker, transit log)
Bavaria 47c: EUR 2.590,- (incl. spinnaker, transit log)

Exclusive charter partner of the RPC Race is:
Pitter GesmbH
Raimund-Obendrauf-Straße 30
A-8230 Hartberg
tel.: +43 (0)3332 66240
fax: +43 (0)3332 66240-4

14. Registration And Payment:
At registration an option on a yacht will be given which is limited to two weeks after receipt of the charter contract. The options on the yachts will be given according to incoming emails to Within the two weeks it will be necessary to:
• sign and send back the charter contract
• pay a 30% deposit of the charter fee to Pitter Yachting
• pay a deposit of the organisation package of EUR 200,- to the organizing club sail attack:
IBAN AT531400003010944006 BIC BAWAATWW

In compliance of these requirements the registration is confirmed, otherwise registration is not valid, the option expires and the next on the waitinglist will get an option.
Final payment of the charter fee is required until 31.12.2011.
Final payment of the organisation package, is required until 31.1.2012.
In case of cancellation until 31.12.2011 deposit payments will be returned only if substitute crews can be found. By cancellations later than 1.1.2012 return payment could be deducted by a fee to cover works of Pitter or sail attack or by discounts given to substitute crews.

15. Place Of Registration
Nautic Club sail attack

16. Trophies And Prizes:
• The „Segelguide Trophy“ will be awarded to the crew of the first ship home.
• Challenge Trophy „Red Lantern“ (designed and made by Christoph Noehrig) for the skipper with the longest sailed time within the race.
• Trophies and medals for the first 3 boats in each of the one design classes Bavaria 42match and 47c

17. Exclusion Of Liability:

Sailing regattas may be dangerous. „The responsibility for a boats decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone” (RRS 4)
The qualification, correct nautical conduct and safety of the crew is at all times the responsibility of the skipper, and his/her alone. The responsibility for the decision to take part in the regatta, to head for a safe port or to continue the race at any time, is his/her alone responsibility. This responsibility is not changed or lessened by the use of the Special Regulations of ORC or possible safety controls or checks through third parties.
The organizers, the organizing club, it‘s members, persons working for the club, sponsors, and partners, assume no risk or liability whatsoever in relation to participation or planned participation in the race.
All skippers accept these points of the notice of race by signing the registration form.

18. Event Organizer And Race Supervision:
Ronnie Zeiller
c/o Nautic Club sail attack
Neustiftgasse 55
A-1070 Vienna

Subject to modifications and amendments. © Nautic Club sail attack